Frequently Asked Questions

When am I going to receive mention notices?

You will receive a notice as soon as we have found a match of one of the keywords that you are monitoring. In most cases, that will be within 30-60 seconds after a post or comment is published. Then, we will wait for the "cooldown" period to pass before sending you another notice. If there were new matches during the cooldown period, we will buffer and send them along with the next notice.

What does it mean that the service is in 'beta'?

It means that we are actively working on improving the service, and any feedback is more than welcome. Please see the "contacts" section at the bottom of the homepage.

Which platforms do you support?

We support the following platforms:

  • Reddit ~ 1.5 Billion monthly visits
  • Hacker News ~ 10.3 Million monthly visits
  • ~ 8.2 Million monthly visits

What about other popular platforms?

  • Facebook - no support. We don't plan supporting mentions on Facebook due to its closed nature.
  • Twitter - work in progress. It should be supported in the following months.
  • Blogs - planned. This will be supported in the future.
  • Custom websites - planned. This will be supported in the future through public RSS/Atom feeds.

How many keywords can I monitor?

You can monitor up to 5 keywords for free. That is suitable for indie developers that want to monitor mentions of their own product or side-project. Please see our pricing section if you want to monitor more keywords.

Do you have an API or any means of programmatic integration with other services?

We don't have an API yet, but that is planned. In the future, you will be able to manage your keywords & projects automatically. Also, you will be able to receive instant notices through webhooks. Furthermore, we will integrate Zappier so that you will be able to link Alertcamp to many other services.

What's Alertcamp pricing?

We have both FREE and paid options. Please check out our pricing page.