As being a lean startup that uses modern and efficient technologies, we are able to offer you the best value of social media monitoring.

5 Keywords
1 Project
1 day cooldown
50 Keywords
2 Projects
10 min cooldown
StartUp Plus
150 Keywords
7 Projects
10 min cooldown
500 Keywords
10 min cooldown
  • 🔠 Keywords are case sensitive. i.e. "Alertcamp" and "alertcamp" are two different keywords.
  • 🔤 We don't allow monitoring of the most common English words (e.g. cat, dog, sun, etc). Also, if there are tens of thousands of keyword mentions per day, we may regard it as too common and disable it.
  • 💼 Projects are a simple means to help you organize your keywords logically.
  • Cooldown period is the time in which we will buffer new notices. If you have'nt received any notices recently, we will send you a "keyword match" notice immediately. Otherwise, the notice will be sent after the cooldown period has passed. This is done so that we don't flood your inbox.
  • 💳 We support all major credit cards, and all payments are processed securely by Stripe. Also, you can cancel with one click whenever you want.